Oral Hygiene


The American Dental Association recommends you to visit your trusted dentist two or more times each year for an Oral Hygiene evaluation. At your checkup, the soft tissues of the mouth are examined to identify concerns such as gingivitis, gum recession, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. Every tooth in your mouth will be assessed. Dental issues like tooth decay or cracks will be found, as well as identifying old, failing dental work.

Your Oral Hygiene Appointment at Northland Dental Studio

Regular visits with your dentist and dental hygienist also reduce your potential for large dental problems. For example, without treatment, a small cavity can develop to destroy an entire tooth and grow to affect surrounding teeth. A cracked tooth could potentially cause discomfort or break away to create further difficulties. Additionally, advanced gum disease is the principle factor in loss of teeth for adults in America. Found and treated early, these conditions can be easily managed.

No Better Time Than Now For Oral Hygiene

Proper Oral Hygiene protects your smile. Working alongside Dr. Holt and Dr. Peters, Northland Dental Studio's highly skilled and gentle dental hygienists will help you to create and maintain the health of your gums!