Crowns are a type of dental restoration.  When correctly placed, they encircle the tooth, replacing any missing tooth structure above the gum line.  The crown surrounds the exposed aspect, and in effect, becomes the new exterior of the tooth.  Crowns help strengthen teeth, restore their shape and improve cosmetic appearance.

Crowns can be used to restore the original size and shape to a broken or decayed tooth, supply additional physical support for a root canal treated tooth, or complete a smile makeover.  Sometimes referred to as a “cap,” the crown completely covers the visible part of the tooth.  Essentially, a part of your tooth remains, but the exterior is recreated.   A crown can certainly help make your tooth stronger and enhance its physical appearance.    Crowns can even be a way to handle a tooth that is permanently discolored or poorly shaped. They are also used in implant dentistry to cover the dental implant to perfectly recreate the tooth that was lost.

Needing a crown can be a scary thought. Dr. Holt and Dr Peters and our caring team at Northland Dental Studio will guide you through the process of getting your new crown, ensuring you are at ease and completely comfortable throughout the process. All you need to do is set up an appointment, and you will be well on your way to getting back to a fantastic smile.